Shenzhen Toolead Precision Tool Co., Ltd

Shenzhen toolead Precision Tool Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009, in the heart of Shenzhen Industrial Zone Baoan Xixiang Shu Tian, currently has a production office area of more than 1000 square meters, has a high level of technology, quality management personnel and senior engineer of production team, equipped with complete functions and advanced technology of high precision production test equipment; toolead professional R & D and production of high precision intelligent torque measurement tools including torque wrenches, digital torque wrench, digital torque adapter, digital torque screwdriver, torque wrench, torque bar display calibration instrument. It has been widely used in aerospace, aviation, shipping, automobile manufacturing, railway, electricity, building, electronic manufacturing and other pre tightening work with precise pre tightening requirements, which is exported to domestic and foreign markets. Among them, the high precision intelligent torque measuring tool intelligent wrench as a new generation of products, integration of sensor technology, advanced electronic technology, can accurately display and set the peak torque wrench set, precise, intelligent, humane and other advantages in one.