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Does your dog jump on you or your guests? Chew everything in sight? Have separation anxiety? Drag you down the street or constantly pull? Bark and whine for attention or no reason at all? Bark or growl at other people or dogs? Chase the cat? Lunge? Is your dog hyper or out of control? Act aggressive toward people or dogs? Does your dog need manners? Is your dog nervous or fearful?

Has your dog been to other trainers and still struggling? We can help!

Hello, welcome to our site! Here at Katz Trains Dogs we believe in empowering owners and helping dogs become the best they can be. We are balanced trainers who strive to create a harmonious relationship between people and their dogs in a way that easily understandable to both parties.

I understand Many times, owners have done training in the past and yet continue to struggle with their dog, whether it’s listening around distractions or when they don’t have a treat in hand. I know this isn’t due to lack of trying on the owner’s’ part. A dog’s body language is unique and signs of stress, loading, excitement, or fear is often so subtle, owners don’t even notice and this can lead to problems.

Our goal is to bridge this gap and educate owners on these little clues to create a strong relationship based on clear communication, realistic expectations and hard work and not just a series of commands followed by a treat.

At Katz Trains Dogs, we provide an in-depth look at what it takes to provide a calm and balanced environment for the entire family that is easy to understand and apply. This helps create a dog that does not beg, whine, jump on your guests, or feel the need to lunge or growl. We want your dog to make good decisions–no matter the situation.

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Top rated local dog trainers, serving Reno NV & the surrounding areas.

Katz Trains Dogs (that's us) uses a balanced dog training system that is highly effective.

Board And Train Program

Board And Train

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Too busy to train your dog? Our board and train programs are perfect solutions. We have effective training programs to give your dog a good foundation.

Private Dog Training

Board And Train

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Your dog learns training commands and basic behavior. You learn how to work with your dog, better communicate with your dog and how to train your dog.


“Ms. Casey at Katz trains dogs is the best dog trainer I have met in northern Nevada.

Before her, I went to about four different companies trying to get my German Shepherd trained and have him as a part of my family.

No one was able to achieve what Ms. Casey did for my dog in such little time.

She is very professional and was able to help me obtain the skills and confidence I needed to train my dog.

Her lessons are superb and her group classes are a perfectly safe environment to train your dog wth other dogs to hone your skills, oh and did I mention this is all included with her program?

So when I found out my dog at two months later had a problem I couldnt resolve, Ms. Casey helped me and my dog at no extra charge!

She is committed to every client and would absolutely recommend her to anyone with any type of dog.

Be prepared to see how much your dog can achieve with Ms. Casey at Katz trains dogs!”

Arturo B.


“I love Katz Trains Dogs, they have really helped my husband and I train our 4 year old border collie.

I like their training program a lot.

They are willing to do whatever it takes to help you and your dog!

We are learning a lot in the individual classes and look forward to joining the group classes!”

Ashley B.


“After one session, my dog Winston would no longer pull on his leash during our walks. It was amazing!”

Sonia Hernández


“If you want a well behaved dog and the tools to deal with problems Katz dog training is the solution. I can’t give enough thanks and praise for the techniques. Worth every penny.”

Jack Bland


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