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Reno Dog Training

The Reno dog training experts at Katz Trains Dogs will teach you how to train your dog to lie down next to your chair at an outdoor cafe... for more than an hour, without getting up! And ignore food that's been dropped on the floor. And to stop barking, biting, nipping, chewing or running away... even if a cat walks by. Katz Trains Dogs teaches you how to train your dog around real world distractions so that you and your dog have the freedom and confidence to go anywhere.

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Get Your Dog To Listen

We teach an attention-based dog training system to dog owners in Reno, Sparks and the surrounding areas. The foundation of all training begins with getting your dog to listen to you, anywhere you go... even around other dogs, cats, food or tennis balls. Once we've got your dog's attention, teaching the sit, down, come, heel, stay, get in the car, wait at the door and more advanced behaviors is easy. But all training starts with getting and keeping your dog's attention.

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Stop Bad Behavior

We Can Train Any Dog. Whether it's dog aggression, housebreaking, jumping, pulling on the leash, barking, biting, nipping, chewing, separation anxiety or pretty much any other dog behavior problem-- our Reno dog training system incorporates techniques learned from top dog trainers from around the world to get you maximum results in minimal time.

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Reno Dog Trainer Helps Good Dogs With Bad Behavior

After spending the past 20+ years traveling the world and swapping techniques with some of the best trainers he could find, Reno dog trainer Adam G. Katz has developed an easy to learn technique based approach to dog training that makes it clear for the dog to understand when he's doing something right and when he's doing something wrong.

By replicating the way that dogs communicate with each other and with us, Adam has been able to blend a working dog approach with 21st Century techniques to make learning quick and easy for both dog and owner.

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